Monday 17 August 2015

Hi I'm Matt McPherson from the book Changing Times.

Matt McPherson
Cover of Changing Times

Changing Times tells the story of our town newspaper, The New Zealand Times, and how the Global Media Corporation closed it down. This meant I lost my job delivering the paper. So I’m keeping The New Zealand Times alive here on my blog.

The 1840s - 50s

James and Mary McPherson started the newspaper back in 1840. Here they are beginning  their long journey from Scotland. 

Loading the printing press onto the ship in Scotland

You can find out more about what their journey to New Zealand would have been like in Te Ara – The Encyclopedia of New Zealand by clicking on this link.

James and Mary McPherson print the first issue of The New Zealand Times

The first issue of The New Zealand Times reported on a treaty that was signed at Waitangi. This treaty turned out to be really important. Find out more about Te Tiriti o Waitangi from Te Ara right here.

The 1860s - 70s

In 1860 the newspaper reported on the land war in Taranaki. You can find out more about the land wars here

Māori women removing surveyors instruments and tents

The newspaper also reported that gold had been discovered in Otago. A few gold diggers got rich and many just got wet and cold.

Gold mining in Otago

James McIndoe wrote a letter to the Otago Witness newspaper telling everyone where the gold was. Just click on his name there and you can zoom back in time via the magic of Papers Past and read his letter.